An Investor's Guide to Market Volatility & Market Update

DATE: May 20, 2021
TIME: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

Take a look at the historical trend of how the market has fluctuated. There are key identifiers investors can follow to avoid costly mistakes in the short term & long term. 

We are excited to be hosting Chief Investment Officer, Chris Osmond from Prime Capital Investment Advisors for a brief market update. We will be able to look back at what has happened since the beginning of 2021 and where we see the market going for the foreseeable future. 

In this session, you will hear:

  • An update on the state of the markets and economy
  • An outlook of the foreseeable future
  • Guidance on what it all means and what an investor can expect

Featured Speakers

Chris Osmond, CFA®, CAIA®, CFP®
Chief Investment Officer & Strategies Architect at Prime Capital Investment Advisors
Chris is responsible for the oversight of the firm’s investment strategies and guiding investment policy for the entire organization. He is a consistent contributor to media outlets like Bloomberg,, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Cheddar TV, U.S. News, Ingram’s Magazine, and others, where he has not only been quoted, but published for his insights investments, the economy, capital markets, alternative investments, sustainable and responsible investing, and how technology is shaping the asset management industry.


Joshua Zdeb, CRPC®
Financial Consultant - Team Lead
Joining the firm in 2018, Joshua Zdeb is a fitness consultant for Financial Fitness for Life. As a consultant, Joshua is responsible for recruiting and training other consultants, as well as managing and implementing education programs for clients. Joshua joined Financial Fitness for Life to help others manage and mitigate financial stress through education and coaching. “I understand financial topics can be intimidating,” said Joshua. “If I can help paint a clearer picture for my clients, I can empower them to make confident decisions about their individual financial outlook.”

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